Roundabout Information Centre

The Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway includes a modern multi-lane roundabout at the east end of the project corridor. The Parkway roundabout opened to traffic in November 2012 with three of the four legs of the roundabout in operation. Since 2014, the Parkway roundabout has been in full operation with all four legs of the roundabout open to traffic. The Parkway roundabout does not include pedestrian access, crosswalks or dedicated cycling lanes.

Why a roundabout for this area? 

As a result of consultation with local municipalities, a modern roundabout was incorporated into the design of the Parkway at the intersection of Highway 3/County Road 9 (Howard Avenue Diversion) and the Highway 401 on/off ramp terminals of the Parkway. The roundabout reduces the potential for severe crashes and serious injuries, reduces noise and air pollution by removing the idling of stopped vehicles and reduces delays and improves traffic flow. 

Tips for navigating the Parkway roundabout

  1. Slow down as you approach the roundabout. Keep to the right of the Splitter Island
  2. Use the correct lane for your intended destination.
  3. Watch for vehicles already in the roundabout.
  4. Traffic entering the roundabout must always yield the right-of-way to traffic in the roundabout.
  5. Enter the roundabout when there is an adequate gap in the circulating traffic.
  6. In the roundabout, keep to the right of the Central Island and travel in a counter-clockwise direction.
  7. Do not stop, pass large vehicles or change lanes within the roundabout.
  8. Use your right-turn signal when exiting the roundabout.
  9. If you miss your exit, continue around the roundabout again and exit.

Large Vehicles

Large vehicles may need to use more than one lane when approaching, within and exiting the roundabout. Within the roundabout, large vehicles may also need to use the Truck Apron. Give large vehicles plenty of room to navigate within the roundabout.

Emergency Vehicles

If you have not yet entered the roundabout, pull over to the right if possible and allow the emergency vehicle to pass you. If you are in the roundabout, take you intended exit and proceed beyond the Splitter Island before pulling over to the right to allow the emergency vehicle to pass you. Never stop inside the roundabout.

Here’s some quick tips to help drivers navigating the roundabout choose the correct lane to be in for your intended exit:

  • select the right lane if your intended exit is located to the right
  • select the left lane if your intended exit is located to the left
  • select either lane if your intended exit is located straight through.

Take a look at the fact sheet here to see images to help you visualize the above navigation tips.